This project is completed tested and working fine. But still the risk is completely yours. (although nothing is serious other than USB port over loading/short circuiting)

Assembling and testing

  • Simply Built ART2003 programmer.(simple parallel port programmer)
  • Put the PIC18F2550 in the programmer and burn the file PK2V021000.hex using WinPic800.
  • Assemble the PICKIT2 circuit. Use bread board for quick test or built PCB.
  • Insert the programmer PIC18F2550 in the circuit and start PICkit 2 programmer.
  • The programmer should automatically detect the hardware and ready for programming.


Trouble Shooting

  • If Power LED not lit immediately disconnect the programmer. Check the +, - pins in the USB side
  • If PICKIT 2 programming software complaints about communication error please check the USB pins D+,D-.
  • If PICKIT 2 programming software complaints about VPP voltage error please proceed to Tools--->>troubleshoot and follow the steps.